Hi, my name is Sonya and I am in fifth grade.  I attended CHMS from first to third grade.  Those years have been the most unforgettable in my elementary school life.  In my class I am known to be one of the smartest kids.  I know I owe this to my Montessori education and especially to Mrs. Ranga.  In fifth grade I am reading at a seventh grade level and my math work is very advanced as well.  Throughout fourth and fifth grade I had to present various projects in front of the class and to a wider audience.  I was very successful in all my presentations and had amazing self-confidence because of all the similar work I had to do in Mrs. Ranga’s class.  The drama class we had a CHMS also helped me with being confident in front of people.  Since I left Mrs. Ranga’s class, I discovered that I am a skillful artist; during this year, I won a school wide art competition and I was a finalist in the town wide art show.  Thank you Mrs. Ranga for preparing me not only for upper elementary, but for middle school as well!!



Burke Moser Sr Pic resizedToday is a big day in his life, and I wanted to tell you that you had a such a positive influence over his development. Burke was admitted to University of Chicago today and will attend next year. He plans to study Economics, and U of C is the best Econ school in the world. He is also going to play Quarterback for their football team next year.

He said today that the year that you taught him was when he realized that he had some special talents and you helped him find the confidence to use it. Every day, you urged him to be a leader - to recognize the responsibility of having great talents. He still keeps a picture of you and he at the end of year picnic in 2003 on his desk. You are a great teacher and I just wanted you thank you for what you did for my son. I know that Deirdre feels the same way. We are forever grateful.



Elliot_CombinedElliott graduated from Jacobs HS in 2009, and was all set to attend college in the fall.  He decided to enlist instead, and attend college later.  After graduating from basic at Fort Benning, Georgia, he earned his jump school title there. He was then stationed in Fort Knox, Kentucky.  He deployed for Afghanistan and served with the infantry in a group called Ramrod. During that time he earned the rank of army specialist. He then returned to Fort Knox and will serve there for another year.

He intends to leave the military after 3 years, 3 month, and attend college and earn a degree in fire/paramedic studies.  He has loved his time in the military, and is happy he made the decision to serve before attending college. He feels that the military has developed him into the person ready to face anything the future has to offer.  His interests are mixed martial arts, drumming and hunting.



GriffenFrom my first day of school, to my graduation as valedictorian at Benilde-St. Margaret's, you have supported me. As I head off to Chicago's Loyola University honors program, I want to thank you for your gifts of friendship and love.

 You've been a part of who I am, and what I will become and because of you, I embrace the opportunities that lie ahead of me. 

Thank you. 



Daniel Thomas

Daniel ThomasMy name is Daniel Thomas.  I went to CHMS from age 3 to 3rd grade.  I had an great experience and thanks to the amazing dedication of my teachers, I currently excel in my classes today.  I'm in 7th grade and attend Haven Middle School in Evanston.  Math is my favorite subject and I'm in a ninth grade math class.  I also was accepted into a nationwide group called People to People, Student Ambassadors.  Two summers ago, I joined this group on a 3 week trip to Alaska where we studied glaciers, the Alaskan pipeline and the Inuit people.  This year I attended the Presidential Inauguration with the same People to People group.  We spent 5 days touring Washington DC and its historical monuments as well as attending speeches by Mary Jean Eisenhower (descendant of Dwight D. Eisenhower) and a reporter who covers all the presidential inaugurations from U.S. News and World Report.  I also love playing soccer and have been playing for over 6 years.  I am currently on FC Chicago's travel team and enjoying it very much. 

The teachers at CHMS have taught me the skills that I use to succeed academically.  Mrs. Ranga you ROCK! My goal is to attend Harvard someday and with my CHMS training, that goal can be achieved.



Riley"Hi, my name is Riley.  I attended Children's House Montessori for six years and graduated from the 3rd grade in 2007.  I am currently attending a public school (where I am proudly receiving straight A's) and preparing for middle school in the Fall.  I am involved in children's theater and have been a part of  7 different shows (over 40 performances) with them over the last 4 years.  Theater is my life and I owe Ms. Ranga a thank you for introducing me to how wonderful drama and the stage can be.  I write all of the time and won the 4th grade Young Author's Award.  Last year, as well as this year, I am a Class Senator representing my friends at school meetings. We have helped to create a safety video and made valentines for Veterans.  It is a lot of fun. When I grow up, I hope to be an actress, dolphin trainer, or pre-school Montessori teacher working alongside my mom."